Introduction of The Catholic Times of Korea

The Catholic Times of Korea is the oldest and most influential Catholic weekly newspaper in Korea,
helping Korean faithfuls find the truth in Gospel.

The Catholic Times provides news of the Catholic Church in Korea and the Church world-wide as well as the reading materials related to Good News and the Church.

It currently circulates approximately 100,000 copies a week and its news stories are also available through its website ( and smartphone application (The Catholic e-Times).

Mission Statement

We contribute to evangelizing the whole world and constructing God’s Kingdom through mass communication of apostolate messages, spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Core Values

auto_awesomeFaith – We are faithful to the magisterium and the catechism of the Catholic Church.

auto_awesomeLove – We construct communities that share fraternal love.

auto_awesomeCommunication – We constantly listen to the diverse voices of our readers.

auto_awesomePassion – We are passionate about New Evangelization.


The Catholic Times was established by pioneering young lay Catholics of Archdiocese of Daegu in Korea on April 1, 1927. The Archdiocese of Daegu in 1931 recognized The Catholic Times as an official newspaper of the archdiocese. Under the then Japanese colonial rule, The Catholic Times spread the Good News to Korean people.

In addition, The Catholic Times carried out its mission as a national Catholic newspaper, raising the spirits of and giving hope to Koreans during the gloomy period of the Japanese imperialistic rule.
Following the liberation from Japanese rule, The Catholic Times embraced the wounds of the Korean War and national division.

Under the auspices of Daegu Archdiocese, The Catholic Times has been spreading the Good News and speaking for the Church throughout the tumultuous Korean history since its inception evolving around the rapidly changing Korean society.

At present, The Catholic Times is strengthening and diversifying its news media functions to maintain pace with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Moreover, beyond the evangelization of Korea, The Catholic Times is contributing to the evengelization of Asia through partnerships with The Faith Weekly of China, Union of Catholic Asian News and Hong Kong’s Holy Spirit Study Center.
Additionally, it is spreading the Good News through various cultural and artistic activities, such as publishing books, hosting Catholic Academic Awards and Catholic Literature Awards as well as organizing academic symposiums and seminars.

As a partner of the Catholic Church in Korea, The Catholic Times is approaching its historical 100th anniversary by meeting new challenges through constant changes and actions, including the Prayer Campaign to End Abortion to respond to the call of the times.


person_pinRev. Ignatius Choi Sung-joon – President & Publisher

person_pinAndrew Park Young-ho – Chief Editor

Contact Information

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home_workHeadquarters: 20 Seoseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

maps_home_workSeoul Headquarters: 11 Neungdong-ro 37-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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callPhone Number: 82-53-255-4285